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Unlock Your Musical Potential with SOMA’s Diploma Programs

Do you have a deep love for music and aspirations of working in the music business? If so, Singapore’s School of Music and the Arts (SOMA) can be the ideal starting point for your adventure. Founded in 2005, SOMA is a renowned music school that offers a variety of music classes and programs to provide students with the practical knowledge and up-to-date tools they need to succeed in the music business.

Diploma in Music Programs

SOMA offers three Diploma programs in music: Music Performance, Music Production and Engineering, and Songwriting and Production. These programs aim to provide students with a world-class education centered on practical skills, theory, and relevant technologies for today’s music professionals. Diploma in music courses are conducted for 18 to 24 months, and students are required to complete a minimum of 72 credits to graduate.

Certificate Courses

Apart from diploma programs, SOMA also offers several certificate courses such as Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Pop Music Arranging, Pro Tools 101, and Introduction to Mixing. These courses are designed to provide students with specific skills required in the music industry and can be completed in a shorter duration of time.

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Performance Labs

SOMA offers performance labs for both classical and contemporary music. The classical performance labs include Voice, Piano, and Violin, while the contemporary performance labs include Vocal, Pop Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, and Ukulele. These labs provide students with the opportunity to improve their technical skills, musicianship, and performance abilities. The labs are conducted by highly qualified instructors who have graduated from the renowned Berklee College of Music or are well-known professionals in the music industry.

Admissions and External Examinations

SOMA has a comprehensive admissions process to ensure that the students who are admitted have the necessary aptitude and passion for music. The school also prepares students for external examinations such as ABRSM and Rockschool to help them attain internationally recognized music qualifications.

Facilities and Instructors

SOMA provides students with the ideal learning environment, which includes a recording studio, classrooms, and computer labs fitted with top-notch recording equipment, instruments, and amplifiers, along with the latest software used in today’s music industry. The school hires only the best instructors in the region who effectively impart their knowledge and skills to students, based on their vast performing and production experiences.


In conclusion, pursuing a diploma in music from SOMA is an excellent choice for individuals who are passionate about music and want to pursue a career in the music industry. The programs offered by SOMA provide students with practical skills, theory, and relevant technologies required in the music industry, along with opportunities to improve their performance abilities. The school’s facilities and instructors ensure that students receive a world-class education and a platform to grow, perform, network, and eventually turn their passion into a career.