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What Should I Fix First When Renovating a House?

There is a detailed approach to how to you should go about renovating your house and if you follow these steps you are likely to cover all the necessary things and never go wrong, these are the steps provided by the experts although I found them online but my go-to renovation provider here in Chicago which goes by the name of Icon Remodeling also approves of it and if you are about to start a renovation project then you should follow these steps and it would prove to be your step by step guide in renovating house and you will avoid any issues that come with it, generally most of the professionals would a similar pattern, the first thing they do on a renovation site is to get rid of unwanted stuff, this also includes stripping out materials and elements and removing it responsibly.


Getting an idea of what the structure is like, floors, ceiling wall and whatever forms part of the structure is examined and if it that needs any repair work then it is fixed first before anything else, once the structure is restored to its old glory it is now time for fix work which includes plumbing, heating and wiring, this is something that needs to be taken care of before the professionals move to any sort of cosmetic changes, once the experts are convinced that fix works is being dealt with completely fine then it is time for plastering and flooring, this would take some time and while professionals work at it, the other technicians prepare for the next step which is bathroom and kitchen fit out before moving on to the final step which is decoration, if you follow these steps then you will never mess up with any renovation work.