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Learn About The Different Types Of Cold Brew Coffee That Is Available In Singapore

A cold brew coffee is a caffeine-rich beverage with its main ingredient being ice and cold milk mixed with different spices as per your choice or the company’s protocol with its final ingredient being instant coffee ground made into an Americano. This beverage is mainly popular among caffeine lovers during the summer season as they not only relieve you from heat internally and mentally for a short period but also lets you taste a bit of caffeine from the coffee added inside. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the process of preparing Cold brew coffee and the cost of bottled cold brew coffee Singapore. at first cold brew coffee was named Kyoto and originated in Japan in the year 1600.

What is the main feature of this beverage?

The main feature of this beverage is by immersing the medium to coarsely grounded coffee beans that were previously well roasted for 12 hours or more inside water at room temperature and then filtering the grounds to reveal the highly rich, dark, and flavourful caffeinated water. In cold brew coffee, all the ingredients even water are not heated which is commonly seen when you are making any regular coffee.

Why cold brew coffee is expensive than regular coffee?

The process of cold brewing coffee is time-consuming and requires much more amount of the main ingredient which is fresh coffee grounds in this beverage the coffee ground ratio to water is 1:10 or 1:12 so that you can get the highly concentrated form of coffee this whole process takes a minimum of 13 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. As the coffee grounds are not exposed to high temperatures or any form of heat which turns the coffee grounds into a charcoal-like taste that’s why this form of coffee is rich in taste and flavor makes it so expensive. So, the final product is costly enough for coffee lovers. The process used to brew the coffee is referred to as the steeping process.

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Cost of cold brew coffees in Singapore-

  • A bottle of cold brew coffee cost S$ 6.
  • A bottle of black cold brew coffee costs S$ 4.16
  • A bottle of milk or mocha cold brew coffee costs S$ 4.6

Common types of cold brew coffees made by highly professional baristas-

  • Nitro cold brew- a dark concentrated form of coffee infused with nitrogen to make the coffee smooth and sweet with a silky texture in the end.
  • Kyoto –style- this style of coffee is often referred to as Dutch coffee. In this style, cold water is slowly dropped by drop over the medium coarsely grounded coffee.
  • New Orleans Style- chicory is added to the coffee ground so that the concentrated product is rich and darker in texture and tastes like Coca-Cola. The product is served with maple or sugar syrup and cream.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article describes the types of cold brew coffee.