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Let your kids know about the basics of coding

Technology has become an integral part of our lives we are surrounded by different types of technologies all day and we consistently use them for different purposes from communication to entertainment and even much of our work relies on these technologies. Just like we teach our kids different languages to communicate with people around them in the same manner, we all also need to teach them coding which is the foundation of all technologies, and understanding it is becoming more and more important.

Also, at this age kids, brains are very sharp and they can easily grasp new things and learn new skills faster. So, if we properly train them in the basics of coding they can explore the immense potential in this field easily and it will also help them to build a career in this field if they would be interested otherwise this would develop their problem-solving skills. As students must think critically and logically to code, developing their problem-solving abilities. They are taught to identify problems, break them down into smaller components, and then come up with a solution.

To overcome challenges and find solutions, coding requires resilience and determination. Children can gain the abilities they need to overcome obstacles in other aspects of their lives as well as a growth mentality through this.

coding for kids

SG Code Campus for kids

However, schools don’t include coding in their curriculum for kids so if you want to keep your kid a step ahead of others then you need to enroll them in SG Code Campus which offers offer Python programming courses and coding for kids of ages 7 – 12 so that they can learn about computers and become proficient in the fastest-growing programming language. They offer various courses developed according to the abilities of the kids including courses related to web development, financial engineering, bioinformatics, and data science with the help of their basic to intermediate Python programming classes.

They will begin their kid-friendly Python course with the fundamentals before moving on to the Principles roadmap. The Basics X series offers children the opportunity to discover the Internet of Things and mobile programming along the way. Their courses are segregated according to the age group of the students into three categories which include groups for students of ages 7-8,  9 – 10, and 11 – 12.

They have their training institutes located at various locations in Singapore, if you want to get your kid enrolled in SG Code Campus then you can contact their team directly on call or fill up an inquiry form to get the details of the programs and choose the best program for your kid.